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Nootebook or Best Buy Computers, What is the Best Buy?

One of the most in demand accessories for a brand-new iPod are the iPod cases and skins. This is due to the fact that, truth be known, all different sorts of other devices despite how appealing it may look, are prone to scratches. Because of this, making the right choice for your iPod cases and to keep your MP3 player looking in brand-new condition for years is an important decision.

Despite the fact that all iPod cases are made for one goal -- to protect your valued MP3 player, not all of the protective covers are designed for maximum protection. Some are made for the sole reason of decoration, while others target active MP3 music users. While it may appear that these cases are all similar, making the choice to protect your Nano, Mini or iPod video is dependent on your lifestyle, budget, personality and how much time you actually listen to your iPod.

Various Kinds of IPod Cases

Even though there are hundreds of different kinds of cases available in the market, they can fall into four different types of categories -- leather, skins of fabrics, special function and sport's wrap cases. Each kind of case gives various advantages and features to the user. Skins are light weight cases, which are primarily designed to fit over any kind of iPod.

These iPod cases can also be manufactured from silicone that has a similar appearance to the rubberized protector for your audio device. These iPod skins are ideal for tight spaces, such as your pocket or bag. Skins are one of the least expensive cases that are available on the market. On the other hand, fabric style cases cover different kinds of materials such as denims, corduroy, fur in other types of fabrics. they come in different levels of protection as well as padding, depending on the make or model. Cases that are made out of fabric are not as strong and durable as leather cases or sports wrap, but can be an economical choice.

IPod cases that are made of leather give iPods a classy and professional look. They are sometimes designed with a flat cover for protective use to cover the face of your iPod. Unfortunately, they do not protect the control buttons and wheel, unlike skins. However, as far as choice of the most durable iPod cases, leather cases would be it.

Cases and sports wraps are ideal for individuals who do regular physical activities. Various iPod cases for sports include armbands or wristbands so that you can have a secure place for your MP3 player while exercising. The majority of these protective covers are sweat proof and give them varying protection levels due to the fact that they can be made from a variety of materials.

If you require specific features on your iPod case, such as gold or silver cases, waterproof cases, multifunction skins and other types of useful functions, there is always an iPod case for you. It's just a matter of shopping around and preference.

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What Are Ipod Rivals In Battle for MP3 Markets

Apple's iPod has dominated the portable audio market so completely over the past few years. Giants like Sony and Microsoft where insignificant players in the mp3 players market.

Now, four years since the first iPod was introduced, the question remains: can the iPod's rivals finally get the first position from the market leader?
Let's take a look at the leader.
iPod is considered the most elegant music player on earth. Apple offers three levels of devices the iPod, mini, and Shuffle which can store between 120 and 15,000 songs.
iPod price is $99 to $449.

Let us see the rivals.

- Zune from Microsoft
The best Zune model has a 30GB hard disk drive that can store up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video. Zune experience centers around connection - connection to your library, connection to friends, connection to community and connection to other devices.
The price for Zune is $249.99.

- Sony's NW-HD3 Network Walkman from SONY
Sony's NW-HD3 Network Walkman offers excellent sound and a menu that's easy to navigate using a four-way directional button. The built-in 20 GB hard disc can hold the equivalent of 13,000 tracks or 900 CDs worth of music when using high quality ATRAC3plus audio compression technology
The company claims the player can go 30 hours without recharging.
Sony price: $349.

- Zen micro from Creative Technology
Zen micro is competing with iPod mini. Zen strengths are: the size only 3.3" high, captivating design and colors (is available in 10 electrifying colors), the vertical touch pad (ZEN Micro's vertical touch pad and touch sensitive controls are designed to be intuitive so that searching through songs or play lists is easy, quick and fun - try taking a cruise down this strip).
A new feature is the removable disk. Removable Disk lets you connect the player to the computer and directly copy the files you need.
The price for Zen micro with 6GB disk drive is $99.

- Sandisk SDMX4-4096 Sansa e260 4 GB MP3 Player
Sandisk SDMX4-4096 Sansa e260 is an ultra-thin digital audio/image/video player with 4 GB of flash memory compatible with MP3, WMA, and WMA-DRM10 music files. Sansa e260 keeps up to 1000 songs.
Sandisk Sansa e260 has high-strength because the back cover is made with an advanced Titanium alloy from Liquidmetal Technologies that is stronger than steel and highly resistant to scratches and wear.
The price for Sansa e260 is $130.

- Philips HDD6330 30 GB MP3 Playerultra-thin digital audio/image/video player with 4 GB of flash memory
Compact and stylish Philips HDD630 has an integrated 30 GB hard drive that can store up to 15,000 MP3 and WMA files (including DRM protected Plays For Sure WMA files from online stores and subscriber services)or 8,400 pictures. HDD630 has color LCD (220 x 220 pixels, 65 thousand colors, 8 lines of text) with the built-in photo viewer (compatible with JPEG image files).
The price for Philips HDD6330 is $159.99.

So who is winning so far?

According to best sellers list from the iPod products dominate. The first 5 mp3 players best sellers are made by Apple (Apple 30 GB iPod video Black, Apple 80 GB iPod, Apple 2 GB iPod Nano, Apple 1 GB iPod Shuffle and Apple 8 GB iPod Nano) Sandisk Sansa e260 comes on place no 6. The rest of the top 10 best selling Mp3 players positions are taken by: Apple 30 GB iPod White, Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Silver, SanDisk Sansa M230 512 MB MP3 Player and SanDisk Sansa M240 1 GB MP3 Player.

Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Black) is no. 13 in top sellers Mp3 players and Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player is no 16.

All Mp3 players have similar features and prices. The prices can make the difference in time.

For now Apple' iPod is the number 1 choice when comes to Mp3 players. Microsoft and Creative are far behind and have a lot of catching up to do before they can really compete with Apple.

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How to Download PSP Movies

PSP movies are all the rage nowadays. The reason for this is quite simple: The PSP is a very versatile piece of equipment. It allows portability for playing games in the form of small UMD discs that you can easily carry around.

The PSP was originally designed for portable video games.

However, recently more and more people start to use their Sony PSP as a portable video player to watch the latest movies in a quality that makes many other portable video player look like a gadget from the past.

Yes, you can buy many movies for your PSP on an UMD (Universal Media Disc), but if you are like me and you already have a huge collection of DVDs at home you don't want to spend all that money again just to watch them on your PSP.

Insetad you want to convert your existing DVDs to your PSP - even if they are encrypted.

However apart from UMD disc, there are other ways of storing your PSP movies i.e. in your memory sticks. This is a simple guide on how to download PSP movies and games from your computer to your PSP.

When I am on a long distance flight and I already know the movies being shown - I pull out my PSP and watch my own movie or my favourite Star Trek episodes. Usually the batteries last for an 8 hour flight. This is becasue when watching downloaded movies the PSP only accesses the memory stick and does not read the movie from the UMD. What uses most of the energy is spinning the UMD. That's why you can play 4 hours of video games (which are of course on a UMD) or watch 8 hours of high quality video.

What you will need is sufficient PSP memory stick. I would always recommend memory stick of at least 1GB, but if you do not have the sufficient resources (i.e. money) a 256MB Memory stick should be alright. Note: for a brand new memory stick you will need to format it. The other thing that you will require when installing a game to your memory card is your PSP Firmware version 1.5 or less. Later firmware version will not work. If you do have a later version of PSP, please consider downgrading you PSP.

In simple terms it is this; you will download your games from the internet into you PC and then transfer your game files to your PSP via a USB cable. When your computer is connected to your PSP, your PC will recognize your PSP as a detachable memory (similar to a USB drive). It will assign a drive (usually f:) and you will be able to drag and drop you PSP games file to your memory stick. These are some of the steps to download PSP movies and games.

Step 1

You must copy your PSP games or movie file to the correct path or the games simply would not work. The correct path is PSP-GAME (all the folder names are in caps)

Step 2

After the PSP games or movies are fully transferred to your memory stick, disconnect the PSP from your PC. In your PSP main menu, scroll to GAME and then select Memory Stick option. Press X, and list of available games in your memory stick will be displayed. If you find any error on your PSP, you might want to check your firmware version.

Ipos Battery Replace: The INs and Outs

After the iPod hit the market, it seemed as if Apple could do no wrong. Now everyone, regardless of their software camp, could enjoy one of Apple's classically cool and beautiful toys. It wasn't until about 12 months after the launch, when it came time to replace the first set of batteries, that Apple hit a bump in their groove.

The iPod isn't built for easy battery replacement like a cell phone. In order to replace the battery, the casing must be completely removed, exposing all of the internal components and introducing risk of damage.

Apple initially offered a battery replacement service for $249. They later offered a one year extended warranty for $60 that covers the battery. However, it's important to note that when Apple sends the replacement, it will be in a refurbished model iPod, not your original. Today you can find qualified repair shops to replace the battery for as little as $59 or do-it-yourself kits between $19 and $39 depending on the model.

The caution with the do-it-yourself (DIY) kits however, is that the iPod wasn't designed for the average user to change the battery. Plenty of people have been able to change their batteries without problem while countless online forums divulge a long list of complications faced as a result of users trying to change the battery.

Many specialty repair shops will do the replacement for little more than the cost of the battery itself. Some offer additional incentives such as iPod Mod's consumer-friendly lifetime battery replacement program. Under the program, the company will replace the battery once a year for life. Even better, your iPod is back in your hands within 48 hours with 30% more power than Apple's original battery.

Should you choose to replace the battery yourself, there are a few tips you'll want to keep in mind:

-Some models like the Nano require soldering directly onto the board. Be sure to check the details of the battery replacement before sending off for a DIY kit.

-Have a small thin tool on hand to pry apart the casing. Once the screws that hold the case together are removed, you still need to apply some force to open it and reveal the circuitry. Many have damaged their cases by trying to pry their iPods apart without the proper tools. Many replacement batteries come with special tools to help pry the case open.

-When disconnecting the battery, don't remove the rubber pad located on the hard drive.

Regardless of the battery complications, people still love the fun and freedom that the iPod offers. Do a little research before deciding how to handle your battery replacement as it's a routine that you'll need to repeat about once every year. Even if you're not thrilled about the fact that your unit will need to go through major surgery every year, there are customer-friendly iPod specialty companies available to make the process smooth and simple.

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Having Many Topics To Blog

Here I am Again, I'am sorry for late post, because I have a not so good time this time because of college life. But, I still come out with good idea that I want to share with you. Usually for bloggers, like you and me are always having difficulties in thinking of word by word post. But, it is not difficult if you can follow some of this tips, in which I have observed and Do..

I am really sure that you are typing articles about things that you are really inside the expertise and you are always observing and loving informations you can gather from them. And If this expertise is what you are really have an interest then you can produce much information from yourself that you are surely want to share to your friends online.

I can write articles because I read them, and I don't mean that I am doing plagiarism but what I do is synthesizing and it is really different from copying the work of other. This step is dependable of the interest you have. It is like mine, I have topic about technology and the internet. Of course I always read some artcles about them and I really love reading them, when I discover some secrets and techniques I always share them to my friends online so that they can apply it. But I usually put together the secrets I have done and do some experimentation, but that's another story. Well of course you must know more articles before writing a full and well context articles. So, keep reading until you summaries what you have read in your own words and it is a worth of effort.

We are expectedly have our lessons in literature or any English class to make articles and if you are the one writing the same article of your interest in what you are writing in this blog then you might consider returning to that class in your imagination and rekindle what you are doing, you will always ideas and topics you can do and it is always inside your head.

One thing you must consider to have articles flown through you is tlo make artivles as though you are creative or if you are creative then it will be very easy for you. Then when you succesfully pretend or feel that you are one of the creative one then you might become one. OS feel it!

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you would like it. Just follow some of this tips and I will post the updates that I will know later, TAHDAH

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I tried many things to drive traffic to my blog and I’m really eager to do what ever it takes. It is very time consuming because I am starting to work my 7 hours here that is compose of 2 hours writing the articles, 1 hour typing it to word (It is my attitude to do it offline first before the online stuff because it will be nice proofread at the word), and the 2 hours to the net where it includes the advertising and posting the articles I have done. Well I guess that I can still insert this time in my college life so I don’t have much time to browse the internet but it worth the effort when traffic start to flow with me with 25 hours advertising.

In the first days, the common task I’ve done is to provide text links and I know it is very familiar to you. But you must consider a step by step procedures and strategies to make a lot of viewers drive to your site/blog. To have a link to other site you may consider the post strategy where you react to a certain articles and putting your link back to it. But people nowadays might consider putting their links to the directory of the site which they know that is good for a link. They might send e-mail for request of a link of their blog/site. It maybe difficult sometime because you must wait for the respond and it might take weeks and you are not sure where it will be put


I have tried something different from it, the infowizards and the linkmarket. Wel the purpose of this two is that they act as a medium in which you two will trade links and it is convenient to use. The linkmarket offers atleast 5 request to other site and the infowizardsoffer unlimited request for other webmasters. Even I have just started making my blog there are many request of link in which make it sensible and atleast there are other viewers that will come to my site which is very beneficial for the growth of it.

The link will not be enough if you had it on a site because readers may consider it least important. One of the best way of driving their attention is to write a book review in which it will make it their attention crawls fast till they click to the link you have provided and I am sure you it is not a waste of effort.

Writing articles is one of the convenient way of posting your article and providing a good path to your site because some site like EzineArticles will post your content to their Rss Feed which make it drive more traffic for you. They distribute your articles and what makes it good is that it is absolutely FREE!

Figure out more WAYS to use textlinks because it will be very beneficial to you especially when you know how to manipulate it. TaDah!!

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Loyal Visitors and your Informative Directory

If you think or you have observed that your blog’s visitors are beginning to decline then there must be a problem. First, they might absorb much of your content. Second, you are not updating your contents and third, it is that maybe they are judging your template and leave lesser that ten seconds. This article will tell you some good tips in preserving the number of your visitors that might help you a lot. Follow this step and you may have loyal visitor or lifetime visitors (exaggeration)
This is the most important thing you must consider if you really want visitors to stay to your blog/site. You must internalize the feelings of your visitors if they see your template and contents, will they leave your page at once? Will they hit the button to previous page or worse will they hit the close button and shut down their computer and dump it to the fifth floor building? (Sorry for my blasphemy). So, please read the tips below to make your visitors not to lose their computers.
Visitors are finding answer to their question and they really need also to be answered. The main goal of yours must be to give satisfaction to them, so you must have contents rich in thoughts and unique ideas. This might earn you trust from them which might be a possible way of recommendation which is a good testimonial for you.

Write contents that are unique, because some of the bloggers usually rephrase things that they have read. If the visitors have read that article already then they might search again for unique one. I always experience this because sometimes, I felt that almost results that I have saw have the same ideas and contents which make me crave for something. And also take note that this technique might make them also foresee what other unique ideas you will write on the future which might make them subscribe in your newsfeed and newsletter.

Actually, I have mentioned these words many times and it is really a pain in my fingers typing this. You must always and always remember that viewers are always looking for fresh contents, even the Google search engines and yahoo’s. They are lured by fresh post especially if your are a blogger. So remember that visitor will not waste their time reading obsolete ideas.
You might notice that usually there are links embedded on the blog or articles. This is a great way of putting directory to your site and it is usually what your visitors are finding for, this links might be sites that help you a lot in making you reach your peak so share it with them and they will thank you for that and recommend to their friends.
Did you know that this is considered as a tactic of increasing your page rank to until PR3? It is one of the Google’s way of ranking any other page in the web because they consider it popular so start making your link, if you want at least four links every week with the same topic you have, you may visit linkmarket and infowizards.

This is a good way to make your visitor browse even the articles inside your blog. And it is also a way of making your visitors, stay in your page for a while. This is just simple way, just act as a dictionary. For example you include some keywords that is somewhat not discuss much on that post then you might link it to another blog in which it is the main topic.

Who don’t want promos? Yes, you can make promos to your blog, but be wise in choosing your promo and also the mechanics and you must also include terms of conditions. I will give you a good example of promo, make a quiz bee that is according to your blog/site and they must join by using some format in their e-mail. Then, after you do that send them the quiz through e-mail and let them submit their answer, after you have done that make a little time or fixed date of announcing the winner. You must not send it by e-mail but by posting it to your blog/site so that your visitors might check it always which make them to be preserve by you. After this, you must post the price that you will give and it must be in a package box or envelope that is addressed to winner. Then that is it, it can help you promote your blog/site and make them look further for more promos.

As a blogger or webmaster you must consider the responsibility that you must reply for any question or suggestion made by your visitors. They must feel the comfort of youe blog/site so that they will not think that the blogger is a robot. Be kind, honest and remember to choose right words.

So you have read my article, please leave some comments of yours and I will appreciate it. If you are happy to my articles, please subscribe to my newsfeed. Nice day to you…